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Yacht Charters

Sit back, relax, and daydream about your Caribbean cruise and soaking in the Atlantic sun. Since 1980, Cruzan Yacht Charters has offered luxurious yacht charters and dream vacations for our very pleased clients. We have over 1000 yachts throughout Florida, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas and New England. Whether you are looking to party, de-stress, or enjoy a bit of romance, Cruzan Yacht Charters is here to help. We guarantee that our world-famous Caribbean yacht charters will replenish your mind and body. Cruzan Yacht Charters provides Caribbean and Bahamas charters with a wide variety of yachts. Whether it’s for a honeymoon or family vacation, the opportunities for your Caribbean trip are endless. Sailing, deep-sea fishing, and snorkeling are just some of your options. Let Cruzan Yacht Charters take care of every detail of your next Florida Keys and Caribbean vacation. We pride ourselves in providing you with the service and dedication you deserve. For more information about our services, or to get started booking your dream vacation, please call us toll free (800) 628-0785 or email Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.