O. 305-858-2822 / M. 305-926-8457


Cruzan_Bareboat_Marae108 ft / 33 m Alloy Yachts 2004 / Refit 2009
6 Guests / 3 Staterooms / 4 Crew

US $59,000 – $65,000/ plus expenses

Oh my, Marae! What a wonderful time!  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for inviting us to join you on your fabulous yacht for a week of Bahamian paradise.  Blue waters, white sands, sunny skies, delicious meals and laughter with friends all blended together to make a perfect cocktail of memorable fun. Oh, and might I add swimming pigs, sharks, lobsters and iguanas. And paddle boards, lasers, tubes and dinghy adventures make the list as well.

Summer: East Coast of North America
Winter: Caribbean

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