What to Pack for Your Next Yacht Charter Excursion

What to Pack for Your Next Yacht Charter Excursion

There is little as invigorating as a trip aboard a private yacht charter.  Enjoying the open water, scenic decks and landscape, all while also enjoying the many amenities that a luxury yacht has to offer.  While most chartered yachts come equipped with many of the items that you need, including a full bar and dining options, there are personal items that you will also want to bring onboard.

Pack the Essentials for a Yacht Charter Day Trip

Comfortable footwear will go a long way to making your trip a pleasant one.  Consider packing a pair of sandals or flip-flops for the most versatile options during your yacht charter experience.  A light sweater or jacket can be also be useful.  Even in the summer, as the sun sets the weather on the decks may cool, but you don’t want this to interfere with your scenic yacht experience.  Packing sunscreen is also a must as most passengers spend plenty of time on deck enjoying the sights as they cruise along.

For Evening and Formal Events, Pack Light

If your yacht charter experience is a more formal event, whether a dinner cruise, wedding cruise or corporate yacht event, you will want to pack light.  Fortunately, your yacht charter will have everything you need onboard, so that you can sit back and enjoy the fine dining, dancing, and many other amenities that the yacht charter has to offer.

You may still want to pack comfortable shoes so that you can dance the night away onboard.  For daytime yacht charters, sunscreen is still a must.  A light jacket or wrap is a good idea, particularly for a formal function where guests may be wearing sleeveless dresses.

Planning ahead for your yacht charter can enhance your comfort and enjoyment of this once in a lifetime event.

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British Virgin Islands (BVI) are Once Again a Great Tourist Destination

British Virgin Islands (BVI) are Once Again a Great Tourist Destination

In 2017 the British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico, were hit by category 5 hurricane, Irma.  The aftermath was devastating for the area, with many buildings destroyed, trees toppled and extended power outages.  Since this time the BVI, which depends heavily on tourism, has worked hard to restore the area to a prime destination.  This work has paid off and today the BVI is once again a top destination spot for tourists.

Resorts, Restaurants and Other Tourist Spots are Flourishing

Not only has the area rebuilt after the hurricane damage, but many of the local attractions have rebuilt with upgrades.  These new accommodations have made this a tourist destination that is better than ever before.  The focus of these renovations has been on offering visitors a top-notch experience when they come to the British Virgin Islands.  The work that it took to restore the area and rebuild has paid off, as this is once again a luxurious destination for tourists.

A Little Piece of Paradise with Plenty of Luxury

The British Virgin Islands offers tourists plenty of luxury with sprawling beaches and accommodations.  Travelers with a penchant for sailing and seclusion, will find few places that beat the BVI as a destination.  The rebuild that the area experienced spared no expense, and today there is plenty to explore in the area’s over 60 islands and cays.

Explore the BVI in a Private Yacht Charter

The British Virgin Islands are rich with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.  One of the best ways to maximize your sights, navigating around the many islands, is with a private yacht charter.  Enjoy the amenities that a luxury charter has to offer, while taking in the sights and culture that these newly improved British Virgin Islands have to offer.

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Choosing Between a Sailing or Motor Yacht

Choosing Between a Sailing or Motor Yacht

Cruising the water in a luxury yacht charter can offer plenty of options, from the destination to the vessel and amenities offered.  A powerboat is a great option for speed, if you are looking to cover some distance, seeing as many of the sights as possible.  A sailing vessel offers a more leisurely way to travel, relying solely on the wind for power.

Powerboat Charters are Ideal to Cover Ground and Reach a Destination

A motorized vessel is the fastest way to cover ground while onboard.  This is great for not only reaching a destination but for also seeing as many sights as possible along the way.  With a motor, the powerboat is unaffected by the wind or other conditions, and is able to achieve high speeds even in calm water.  Depending on the size of the boat, powerboats are able to accommodate large groups comfortably and with plenty of amenities onboard.

Powerboats do have limitations, primarily due to their reliance on fuel.  Smaller powerboats do not handle high winds as well due to their high center of gravity and shallow drafts.

For an Environmentally Friendly Laid-Back Trip, Choose a Sailing Vessel

Since this vessel relies solely on wind power it is the more environmentally friendly option, often at a slower and more leisure pace than a motorized boat.  A sailing charter offers a uniquely adventurous option, in that you are often left to where the wind will take you.  It is a quieter way to travel, allowing those onboard to truly feel at one with the scenery.

A sailing vessel is a good option when time is not important, as unplanned factors such as wind speed and the tide can all affect the speed.  There is typically less space on a sailing charter, making this best for smaller groups and the shelter from the sun is often limited.

Whether you choose a motorized vessel or a sailing charter, touring the water on your own private boat is an experience not to be missed.  Cruzan Yacht Charters offers a variety of vessels, both sailing and powerboats, to accommodate your party’s needs.  For more information on our fleet visit http://www.cruzan.com/.

How a Yacht Charter Can Make Your Corporate Event a Success

How a Yacht Charter Can Make Your Corporate Event a Success

When considering a corporate event to not only reward, but also to motivate, employees a good option is a trip for the team onboard a luxury yacht charter.  This is a great way to stand out from the standard grill and cook-out get-together and create an event that your employees will love and remember.

On a Luxury Yacht Charter, There is Something for Everyone

A luxury yacht charter offers a variety of options for everyone onboard.  Guests can enjoy the scenic trip from comfortable seating on the deck soaking up the sunshine.  A DJ with dancing is one of the many entertainment options that can be made available for your guests.  If live entertainment is better suited for your event, options can include everything from a piano player and singer to an orchestra. If you are looking for a more focused corporate affair, our team can arrange for a stage, audio equipment and more.  This allows for executives to speak to their employees, either in a formal or informal setting.

There are many onboard dining options to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a more laid back get together with casual dining or a buffet to a cocktail party followed by a four-course sit-down dinner, the options you choose can set the tone for the event.

Accommodations and Capacity Onboard May Surprise You

Many yachts can accommodate anywhere from ten to hundreds of guests, making this an ideal option for your corporate event.  Whether a smaller intimate team event or over a hundred, the right yacht charter can ensure that your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience onboard.

For a truly unique way to not only reward your team, but also to bring everyone together, consider thinking outside of the box with a luxury yacht charter.  Sharing in this one-of-a-kind experience will help to build comradery among your employees, while also providing them with a trip that they will be talking about for years to come.

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