O. 305-858-2822 / M. 305-926-8457


52 ft / 15.85 m Lagoon 2016
8 Guests/ 4 Cabins / 3 Crew

US $18,900-$25,625/ week 8 guests all inclusive

We are grateful to have met you. Thank you immensely for coming to our rescue after our other boat was struck by lightning. Although that was very unfortunate, Paul and I feel that it was serendipity because otherwise we would not have found you and the Shangri La! This has been a true vacation of a lifetime. Everything about this trip was perfect – thank you for taking such great care of us in every way. The food was amazing and we really enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Austria. All the activities were so much fun! There is so much I can say, but I don’t think I have enough room. We will cherish these memories always and rejoice to see you again. You are always welcome in our home in Jacksonville, FL.

Summer / Winter:  Caribbean Virgin Islands, Caribbean Leewards

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