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STORM PETREL48 ft / 14 m Offshore 1985 / Refit 1999
4 Guests / 2 Cabins / 2 Crew

US $5,600-  $6,500/ wk 4 pax, all inclusive

We had a great charter. Phil and Laura were the most gracious hosts and worked hard to make our trip exactly how we envisioned. Whether it was sailing, snorkeling, or hiking on one of the uninhabited islands, the itinerary was completely tailored to our interests, and Phil and Laura remained flexible for any last minute changes. Don’t be nervous to ask for some alone time as they were more than happy to provide privacy or just hang out together when the time was right.We had gourmet candle light dinners on the deck (just the two of us) with wine and the best service of any restaurant in the BVI! Laura’s culinary skills are really amazing especially with the tiny kitchen she was working with. We loved spending time on the deck in the evenings with Phil and Laura and truly appreciated the way they made us feel right at home. Two thumbs up, 10 out of 10 and we would definitely charter with them again. Thanks for connecting us with such a good team.

Summer: New England, Caribbean Virgin Islands
Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands

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