O. 305-858-2822 / M. 305-926-8457


windscape52 ft / 15.8 m VOYAGE yacht 2011 / Refit 2016
9 Guests / 4 Cabins / 1-2 Crew

US $10,500 – $21,000 / week 2-9 guests, all inclusive


I wanted to contact you and let you know what a wonderful trip we recently had with Teddy and Kenetha. Teddy is wise and mature beyond his years and did a wonderful job both as Captain and tour guide. My wife and I celebrated both her birthday and our anniversary and Kenetha had decorations and baked a cake. We go away every November to celebrate and this was our most memorable trip to date. Please let the Voyage team know how much we appreciated the kindness that Teddy and Kenetha showed us and what a wonderful time we had. We’ll be back.

Summer / Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands

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