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xenia62 ft / 18.8 m PRIVILEGE ALLIAURA MARINE GROUP 2006 / Full Refit 2014
8 Guests / 4 Cabins / 2 Crew

US $21,600- $28,500 all inclusive

We have been looking forward to returning to you and Xenia but never expected to surpass our last amazing trip. It has been an unbelievable two weeks/ Exploring the BVIs with you has been breathtaking. Seeing it all afresh with Granny and Grandpa was something we never imagined. Thank you for finding so many stunning snorkeling opportunities- the BVIs are so alive with beautiful fish and unusual creatures. We have loved being with you again and thank you for all your efforts to make our trip so perfect- treasure hunt for the kids, crazy noodle and keeping our glasses full. Chrizaan your food was delicious! Ive been inspired!

Summer: Caribbean Windwards
Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands

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