Blind dating movie cast

The cast of the classic rom-com Blind Dating is nothing short of impressive.It stars Chris Pine as Danny, the blind male protagonist in the movie. He is offered a chance to meet with a woman named Leeza, played by Anjali Jay, who is also blind. His family and friends are supportive of his decision to go on a blind date and try to set him up with numerous women.

In order to make his date with Leeza successful, Danny must enlist the help of his brother Larry, played by Eddie Kaye Thomas. Larry serves as Dannys wingman throughout the movie, providing him with much needed advice and support. Jane Seymour plays Dannys psychotherapist, Dr. Evans. She helps him to be more confident in himself and trust in the power of love.

The movie also features Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Perkins, a professional counselor who tries to help Leeza overcome her strict parents desire to marry her off to someone who isnt even of their faith. He gives her much needed advice throughout the movie.

The movie also features a large supporting cast of characters. These include Jennifer Alden as Amanda, an American woman who Danny meets in the hospital; Frank Gerrish as Jeff, Dannys brother-in-law; and Pooch Hall as Larrys best friend Jay. All of these characters bring their own special charm to the movie and help drive the story forward.

Overall, Blind Dating is a classic romantic comedy that still resonates with audiences today. It is full of wonderful performances from its talented cast and gives us an insight into how love conquers all obstacles.