Dating app with no pictures

Dating apps have become a popular way to meet potential partners and make connections, often relying on the use of profile pictures to attract potential matches. However, a new breed of dating app is emerging which allows users to take a different approach to online dating - one without the need for profile pictures.

These apps are designed to focus on other aspects of a persons identity and character, such as shared interests and values. By doing away with the reliance on pictures, these apps can help create a more meaningful connection between users. Users can create profiles that express who they are and what they value, making it easier for them to find someone who is truly compatible with them.

One example of this type of dating app is CharacterMatch which uses over 25 categories for users to fill out in order to create their personality profile. This helps users find potential matches based on personality traits, rather than just relying on physical appearances.

The absence of profile pictures also means that users don't have to worry about the pressure of creating a 'perfect' profile picture, or feeling self-conscious if they don't think they look good enough. It can also be a great way to combat shallow and superficial mentality that has become so common on some of the more popular dating apps.

Overall, this trend of dating apps without pictures could be an important step in the evolution of online dating by helping to create a more meaningful connection between users. It could also be beneficial in helping people find someone based on shared interests and values, rather than just relying on looks.