island-rr46 ft / 14 m Robertson and Caine 2008
6 Guests / 3 Cabins / 2 Crew

US $13,000 – $15,000/ Wk-  Rates All Inclusive!

Matt and Casey are the perfect crew!! 6 of us enjoyed an amazing vacation and felt completely safe with them and their judgement at every turn. We ate every meal on the boat and loved the chef inspired cuisine. I truly cannot thank them enough for being so helpful and skillful!! They knew the BVI’s like the back of their hand and guided us as we snorkeled, hiked, swam, paddle boarded and kayaked when we weren’t sunning on the fore deck. One of the women on the trip was originally a bit apprehensive about a sailing vacation, but by the third day she said ‘I will never do a cruise ship vacation again when I have such a great option with Matt and Casey. There is no comparison to a sailing charter and a cruise ship because the sailboat takes our experience to another level. Thank you very much for making our vacation a memorable one!

***$1000 discount for Honeymoon and Anniversary charters***

Summer / Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands

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