JUSTINE97 ft / 29 m Guy Couach 1987 / Refit 2010
8-12* Guests / 4 Staterooms / 4 Crew
*Accommodates 12 guests for day/evening cruises; Sleeps 8 guests for overnight cruises.

US  $35,000, inclusive, except fine wine, bar, and fuel

Justine is beautiful, outside and in; and her crew is tremendous. I have been on many leisure trips on New York waterways on all types of boats from rustic sailboats to cruise ships, and can say that the aesthetic and ethos of one’s immediate surroundings greatly impacts the experience. The elegant look of Justine, and the friendly unpretentious feel of her crew has been the number one factor in my enjoyment.

Summer: New England (New York City)

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