Park a Private Yacht Charter in the South Florida Sea for Your Next Event

Park a Private Yacht Charter in the South Florida Sea for Your Next Event

A private yacht charter is a great way to celebrate with friends, family and even colleagues.  The relaxation that comes with a boat out on open water can quickly put your guests at ease.  The process of ‘heaving to’ allows the yacht charter to be parked in the open seas, without need of a captain or steering of the vessel.  This further ease the boat’s motion so that your guests can enjoy the event on the open sea, without necessarily feeling like they are on the open water.

‘Heaving To’ Allows Your Private Yacht Charter to Park on the Water

Your luxury yacht charter can actually be parked while out in the open sea.  This process, known as heaving to, is great when the weather conditions are not ideal which can lead to water that is choppy with higher than normal waves.  Heaving to reduces the boat’s motion, making for a comfortable time for everyone onboard.  This is also wonderful if you just want to park the boat in the water, enjoying your time aboard and delaying the return to shore.

Book a South Florida Charter for Your Next Event

A private yacht charter can be a comfortable experience for everyone aboard.  With the many amenities available on a luxury yacht and the sights of the open water, your guests will be mesmerized from the moment that they step onboard.  A private yacht charter is ideal for any event, from a small outing with friends to corporate events and weddings.  Cruzan Yacht Charters has a fleet that can accommodate anywhere from two to hundreds of guests, making this an ideal choice for booking your charter.

You have never experienced the South Florida seas like you will onboard a private boat from Cruzan Yacht Charters, enjoying your time and the peace and serenity in the middle of the open water.

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