Cruzan_Nirvana47 ft / 14 m Robertson and Caine 2007 / Refit 2012
8 Guests / 4 Cabins / 2 Crew

US $20,500 – US $23,650/week 2-8 guests plus all expenses

What an amazing day. A group of us who were in St. Maarten for the day on a cruise, chartered the Nirvana for the day. We had Captain and crew taking care of us for the day and they were an absolute delight! The trip surpassed all expectations. From the moment we got on, we were in charge…and they did everything they could to please us. From coming around in the dinghy with drinks while we were floating around the water on our noodles…to making sure all were enjoying themselves throughout the day…I simply couldn’t have asked for more. We had such a good time, we are planning on returning for a longer charter…cause one day simply wasn’t enough. Truly the best day I have spent in the Caribbean. Would recommend to all!

Summer/Winter: Caribbean

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