Rodney alcala dating game

In 1978, Rodney Alcala appeared as a contestant on the popular game show, The Dating Game. As a successful contestant on the show, Alcala won a date with the attractive female participant. Little did anyone know however, that Alcala was a serial killer who had already admitted to murdering two women and would later be convicted of five additional homicides.

Alcala had an attractive appearance and was charming to the audience, leading many to believe he was a viable candidate for the bachelor on the show. However, the female participant, Cheryl Bradshaw, felt uneasy about him and chose another contestant. When she was asked why she chose differently, she explained that his dark side made her uncomfortable.

It would have been difficult for anyone to have known about Alcalas criminal history at the time, so it's likely that producers of the show never knew about it either. It wasn't until years later when he was arrested for murder in 1979 that his disturbing past came to light.

By then, Alcala had already committed more murders, some of which may have been connected to his appearance on The Dating Game. This example of how a serial killer could have been part of a nationally televised show has become a cautionary tale for those involved in creating entertainment content. It serves as a reminder of the importance of doing background checks on all contestants, even if they appear to be charming and a viable option for the show.