When do you know you're dating someone

When you start to date someone, it can be difficult to know when youre actually in a relationship. Even if youve been going on dates for some time, it can be hard to tell if the two of you are really together. How do you know if youre officially in a relationship or just casually seeing each other?

One way to tell is if you and your partner are making plans together. If youre both looking ahead to the future, whether its dinner next week or a holiday in a few months, then youre probably officially dating. On the other hand, if youre still unsure about each others plans for the future, then you may not be ready to commit just yet.

Another sign that youre dating someone is if you both make an effort to stay in contact with each other. This could be through text messages, phone calls, or even sending each other surprise gifts. If both of you make an effort to stay in touch and check in with each other regularly, then thats usually a good sign that youre both interested in taking the relationship further.

Lastly, if youve both decided to keep the relationship exclusive and not see anyone else, then that could be another sign that youre dating someone. It doesnt necessarily mean that youre in an official relationship, but it shows that both of you are committed to getting to know each other and make the most of your time together.

All in all, it can be tricky to know when youre dating someone. But if youve been seeing each other for some time and notice some of these signs, then chances are that youre officially in a relationship!